Cheap Gyaru Tips on Aliexpress: Accessories Haul

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ How was your week?

Mine was a mess ( ̄▽ ̄) I was sick most of time and had no energy at all ~(>_<~) now I feel better (^▽^)

Those days I got an accessories haul from Aliexpress! The shop I bought from is Campo Vaccino Store and the parcel came in less than a month (that is amazing since I made the order right before NYE ( ̄▽ ̄;)ゞ). My order was safely packed, wrapped up in a foam sheet and some bubble wrap!

This is what I got:

My haul!
The leather cuff comes in 2 colours to choose and it’s not too big for a female wrist (a common problem that I have with most punk cuff and bracelets). The leather feels ok, not too cheap!
Hoop earrings! Those ones are gold with glittery silver lining, but there’s in silver color too and it comes in 2 measurements (5cm and 6cm diameter)!
The strass one is the cheapest piece (0.53$) and the universe one comes in 2 models to choose. Both bracelets are elastic and hardy! The gold one is sturdy too but the metal is soft enough to be tighten or loosen. There’s also in silver colour!
I love layered bracelets! I like to hear their clinking sound(*´▽`*)this one is cream x gold, but there are other 4 models…
…like this black x white x gold one! I love the rose beads. It’s a easy set of bracelets that matches almost everything.
Those feather earrings are the cutest earrings I ever had (°◡°♡).:。 the feathers are rich and wellmade, the gems feel a bit heavy but it doesn’t bother me at all.

I love everything from this shop! Some accessories are punk/alternative fashion-related, but the most of them are really elegant and chic. So I hope you liked this post ~ do you already have a favourite to buy? Let me know in a comment!

Bye Bye!

#2 Weekly Outfits!

Hello cutiepies ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) How was your week? Mine was pretty okay, I had lots of work to do but I closed 2 big orders I made some time ago and shipped them out (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ Can’t wait to get everything o(≧∇≦o)

I also found some really good & cheap pieces on sales but I’ll talk about this in the next post~(⁰▿⁰)~

So it’s again time for my weekly outfits show lololol I told you I was going to do this post again♥

Houndstooth #1

Turtleneck: H&M – Shorts, necklace: d.i.a – Hat: Bershka – Tights: Calzedonia – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Romantic Gal #2


Hat: Bershka – Sweater: H&M kids – Skirt, stockings, shoes: MA*RS – Bag: MyMelody VIVITIX – Necklace: d.i.a

Mint & Denim Gal #3

Jacket: Garula – Dress, belt: d.i.a – Necklace: random taobao shop – Tights: Calzedonia – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Kurogyaru #4

White Top, Belt: d.i.a – Underwear Top: Skinny Lip – Skirt: Cecil McBee – Choker: custom by me – Stockings: Calzedonia – Boots: can’t remember

o(〃^▽^〃)o I hope you liked this post, even if it’s shorter than the last one  ( > < )! Which outfit do you like the most? Let me know in comments!

Bye Bye!

Outfit Planning: gyaru seifuku!♡

Hello cuties, how are you doing?

Here the weather is more hot those days, it already feels like spring (・・。)ゞ


So me and my friends are planning a new harajuku fashion meet up in spring, school uniform themed! Maybe I got too excited but I’m already preparing my outfit ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  I’m just too happy lololol.

MA*RS Seifuku
MA*RS Seifuku

So right now I’m waiting those two seifuku setups in my mail lololol♡ I just couldn’t decide between an agejo-OTT seifuku and a regular one. So I bought both and I will decide before the meet up.

You can easily find one too in many sites like BodylineAliexpressErrand Shop Rakuten and CONOMi Rakuten!

(Check the MA*RS seifuku picture for its sale link on♡)

Once I’ve bought the uniform I started to look for accessories, I wanted loose socks, hair scrunchies as bracelets, and many flowers!


I also bought pom pom yarn because I want to make myself this hair scrunchie Risa is wearing (she’s one of my inspiration gals!).

The bag is also important, I’m gonna take with me my old school bag:

Candy Sugar bag in total blue

When you’re talking about japanese school clothing and bags Candy Sugar is just the best. I own this bag since 5-6 years now, I used it for school and gym and it hold perfectly every weight! It also has lots of pockets for coins, cards or stationery. Perfection.

You can buy it too in many online shops, also on and ebay, just search for “Candy Sugar Bag”, like here!

I want to decorate it for the meet up, I’m gonna add some cute Sanrio keychains and a hibiscus necklace:

Aaaand this is how my phone looks right now:

I’m gonna decoden it more and wear it with a thicker neck holder to complete the look! I want to make it look like it can be featured on EGG magazine °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° The alternative was to buy a Docomo Fake Phone (aka a toy phone which looks exactly like a Docomo, for 10USD) and decorate it but I prefer to pimp up my real phone ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Otherwise I’ll get a cute soft coin pouch and wear it with the neckholder… It depends on how crazy I’ll get for this outfit ahahaha

That’s it! I can’t wait to show you the completed look but I’ll have to wait O(≧▽≦)O

Bonus: Outfit for a Romantic Date with my boyfriend before his departure ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

Hat: Bershka – Sweater: H&M kids – Skirt, stockings, shoes: MA*RS – Bag: MyMelody VIVITIX – Necklace: d.i.a

Bye Bye!

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Cheap Gyaru Tips on Rakuten – My Dress Shop


Today I’m gonna show you a new awesome shop on Rakuten JP!

The shop name is “MY DRESS SHOP” and it’s a Rakuten shop , which sells oneegyaru/kyabajo clothing❤

It is also on My Dress Shop


It sells cute, cheap chic dresses full of rhinestones and lace, in perfect onee style!

It also features jewelry, bikini and underwear items (like adhesive bra).

Price range goes from 1620yen to 5980yen (14-53USD).

Those are my favourites!

I want to make an order soon! I hope the quality is great✰

Check out their website and leave me a comment with your favorite dress!

Bye Bye!

#1 Weekly Outfits


This is a kind of post I always wanted to do ahaha♡ it’s a collection of outfits from those past days. I’d like to make more posts like this one!

So, here’s some coords from those last weeks, I have differents outfits to show but no make up pics :/ but I will take one next time!


Kurogyaru Coord #1

Sweater: d.i.a – Top: Skinny Lip – Denim: d.i.a – Belt: d.i.a – Necklace: GALEO – Shoes: Real MA*RS


Agejo Coord #2

Set Up: MA*RS – Top: Skinny Lip – Belt, necklace, shoes: MA*RS – Stockings: random from local store


Rokkugyaru Coord #3

Sweater: Ghost of Harlem – Necklace: GLAVIL by tutuHA – Choker: random from – Top: Skinny Lip – Sunglasses: Playboy – Stockings: Leg Avenue – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Oneegyaru Coord #4

Dress: Golds Infinity – Necklace: handmade by me – Tights: random from aliexpress – Hat, shoes: can’t remember lol


Kurogyaru Coord #5

Whole outfit: d.i.a – Bag: MA*RS – Stockings: Leg Avenue – Boots: random local store


Rokkugyaru Coord #6

Coat: random local store – Dress: Ghost of Harlem – Top: Skinny Lip – Necklace: GLAVIL by tutuHA – Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Kurogyaru Coord #7

Sweater, top, skirt, belt: d.i.a – Necklace: GALEO – Stockings: Leg Avenue – Boots: random from local store
(In the background you can see my Living Dead Doll bag + my favourite fake foxtail keychain lol)



(Here you can better see my shoes ♡ Flat sandals: Deary – Heels: Real MA*RS)

That’s it! I hope you liked this outfits show, you can leave a comment and tell me which one you liked the most ★

Bye bye!

Cheap Gyaru Tips on Taobao – or what remains…


Is hard living on a budget and being a gyaru, isn’t it? Sometimes you just need to find some cheaper deals. On you can find many replica/cheap gyaru clothes, here’s a bit of what I find lately!

Click on the pics for links!

This is special: HERE you can buy a MA*RS replica double bow choosing one of the four available prints for the bigger bow and one of their smaller bow!

If you’re more into Himegyaru, here’s something for you:

That’s all for today!

I want to wish you all a happy new year, a glamorous and shiny year as you deserve♥

Bye Bye!

First post! Welcome to my blog♡

Hello! This is the first post, so I’ll welcome you into my blog!

The template is still under construction, I will update soon with a fancy graphic~

Then, time for introduction!


I’m Leia Myrsky, which is “Leia” from the song “Leia” by Yuyoyuppe:

and “Myrsky” which is a Finnish word that means “storm”.

I’m from South Italy, from a city near the sea, I work as a secretary since 3 years and I’m into gyaru style since 2012 (and alternative fashion in general)

I also love horror videogames, food and more than everything I love to make videos! Here’s a video I made for a music production group I’m into:

In this blog I will mostly talk about gyaru fashion, cheap clothing finds and reviews, but I will also share the videos and the music I make ♫ ♪ ♫

So, nice to meet you! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Under the sea – How to be a Mermaid pt.1

Jewel Mermaid by xfalkenx

Ciao! Sono tornata con un nuovo post (dopo essermi assentata di nuovo per un bel po’ *coff*).
Da oggi ritorno a scrivere i post in bilingua, sia italiano che inglese!
Ad ogni modo, indovinate chi è ossessionata dalle sirene in questo periodo? Io, esatto.
Chi mi conosce sa quanto io vada a periodi… in linea di massima ho sempre gli stessi gusti, ma attraverso delle simpatiche fasi in cui compro/vesto seguendo un SOLO tema. In questo caso, appunto, le sirene.
Dato che non sono l’unica ad avere questa fissa ultimamente, ho deciso di condividere con voi i miei “lucky finds”, ovvero tutto ciò che occorre per essere una sirena moderna senza spendere cifre spropositate!
Questo primo post è dedicato agli accessori, nel prossimo mi dedicherò ai vestiti e così via!

Hello! I’m back with a new post (after I was hiatus again for quite a while * cough *) . I’m back posting in bilingual , both Italian and English ! Anyway , guess who is obsessed by mermaids those days? Me, exactly. Anyone who knows me also knows how much easy I became obsessed  … I always have the same tastes, but I go through some stages where I buy/I get dressed according to ONLY a theme. In this case: mermaids. Since I’m not the only one to have this obsession lately, I decided to share with you my “lucky finds “, or whatever it takes to be a modern mermaid without spending too much! This first post is about accessories, next one will be about clothes and so on!

Little Mermaid Inspired Necklace – buy here
Shell&Pearl Ring – buy here

La stessa venditrice dell’anello è specializzata in accessori a tema marino, qui trovate il suo Etsy: Lovelorn Siren
The ring’s seller is specialized in marine theme accessories, here’s her Etsy: Lovelorn Siren

Rainbow Scales Hairpins – buy here
Little Mermaid Inspired Necklace – buy here
Mermaid Shell Necklace – buy here
Shell Hairclip – buy here

Liz Lisa replica Shell Earrings – buy here
Mermaid Earrings – buy here
Seashell Ring – buy here

Ogni sirena necessita un aiuto nell’oscurità, giusto?
Every mermaid needs a help in the darkness, isn’t it?

Glowing in the dark Pearl Necklace – buy here
Glow in the dark Shell Locket Necklace – buy here

Vi manca il vostro amato oceano? Potete curare la vostra nostalgia con questi “Oceani in Bottiglia”.

Do you miss your beloved sea? You can heal your homesickness with those “Sea in a Bottle”.

Sea in a Bottle Necklace – buy here

O conservare una foto del vostro Principe in questo bellissimo medaglione:

Or keep a picture of your Prince in this wonderful locket:

Seashell Locket – buy here

Anche in città, potete usare questi ciondoli diffusori per sentire il profumo del mare. Bastano poche gocce di olio essenziale sulla spugnetta colorata all’interno.
Even in the town, you can use those diffuser pendants to smell the scent of the sea. Just a few drops of essential oil on the colored sponge inside.

Teardrop Diffuser Necklace – buy here

Ti senti più Ursula che Ariel? Non aggiungere altro:

Do you feel more like Ursula than Ariel? Say no more:

Spiral Shell Necklace – buy here

E quando sei pronta per tornare ad essere una splendida principessa, questi accessori fanno al caso tuo:
And when you’re ready to be again a wonderful princess, those accessories are made for you:

Shell Beads Earrings – buy here

Shell Necklace – buy here

Shell Pearl Necklace – buy here
Shell&Pearl Hairtie – buy here

Le sirenette moderne hanno il cellulare, giusto? Meglio procurarsi una cover adatta a loro:

Modern mermaids have mobile phones, right? Better buy a suitable cover:

Shell Silicone Phone Case in 4 colours for IPhone 5/5g/6/6s/6Plus/6sPlus
buy here
Mermaid Princess Phone Case for Samsung S3/S3 mini/S4/S4 mini/S5/S5 mini/S6/S6 Edge
buy here
Scales Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 9300 /S4 /S5 /S6 /S6 Edge
buy here

Skinny Dip Glitter IPhone Case – buy here

Infine vi mostro un paio di chicche: sapevate che la Disney Couture (ovvero la produzione di gioielli originali Disney) ha prodotto gioielli anche per la Sirenetta?
Finally, I show you a couple of goodies: did you know that Disney Couture ( ie the production of original Disney jewelry) produced Little Mermaid themed jewelry?

Bello vero? Peccato costi 99$ lol
Nice, isn’t it? Such a pity it costs 99$ lol

Potete vedere l’intera collezione qui.
You can see the whole collection here.

Infine, un paio di carinerie purtroppo sold out, ma che con un po’ di fortuna potreste trovare nei mercatini dell’usato:
Lastly, a couple of cuties sadly sold out, but you can try searching them on online sales or flea market:

Skinny Dip Mermaid Martini IPhone Case

Vintage The Little Mermaid Room Telephone. Oh My God.

Ci vediamo nel prossimo post!
See you next time!


Hi guys, that’s me blogging again LOL
How are you? I’m broke again XD
Having a job isn’t a good thing if you’re a shopaholic like me…
Anyway do you wanna see what I bought?? 


Ok I promised myself I wouldn’t use Celga service again, since last time they charged me too much for shipping… but I couldn’t resist and give their service another chance XD

MARS shoes

MARS set up
Lovely Chira has the same <3

d.i.a tops
I couldn’t make up my mind on colours so I took both
Anyway they were 1450yen each so I guess it’s okay

MARS Lace Stockings
Only 650yen LOL so lucky!

I had a Taobao order open (needed cosplays) so I took the chance and shopped lol

MARS bag with pouchette
Paid only 100.00yuan
MARS leopard bag
Wanted it since ages, paid only 60.00yuan LOL


MARS dress
I love it <3 paid about 170.00yuan

They were deals, so I totally need to buy them. I swear.


It’s a Storenvy shop. Paid a little too much but they were wishes since ages!

Stella dress

GOLDS Infinity dress with matching garter

GOLDS Infinity dress with matching choker
and… anorexic garter or hairtie, I still have to find out lol


No excuses. I probably have a problem.

Skinny Lip basic tops
Bought on sale, paid about 2000yen for both
Diable Baiser dress

d.i.a summer tops

MARS leopard top
A wish since 3 years lol

GLAD NEWS sweater
Sakurina has the saaaaame!!

Aliexpress accessories

d.i.a hoodie
Actually I’m thinking about selling it since I found a similar one in my fukubukuro ç_ç

DreamV bag

I have to say to defend myself that actually it’s all the shopping I made since September ><
So maybe that isn’t too much, isn’t it?
(but I didn’t show you my crazy March order, about 20 pieces bought on auctions 8D it’s another story, another blogpost) 
Soooooo now I’m trying to NOT SHOP with all my strenght sob It’s a cruel world. Why doesn’t it rain money.
That’s all for today (and for my wallet I hope)

Back again lol

Coff. I know, I didn’t update for a long time lol. But I’m back!

In those months I worked lots (and shopped lots ehm) so I didn’t have so much time ><
But I started to wear gyaru again more ofter 😀 Now my wardrobe is divided in 3 parts : 2 big gyaru parts (one agejo and one kurogal) and a small grunge/goth part (yes, I’m still into it too).
After re-organizing my wardrobe I noticed I have not so much agejo clothing, so I’m going to buy more >< I want a perfect wardrobe, fifty-fifty between agejo and kurogal, my favourite styles 
BTW I’m wearing lots of agejo lately!

Ma*rs outfit, I borrowed the skirt from a friend 

GOLDS Infinity Dress
Ma*rs Belt

 Yes, I have fucsia hair now LOL

d.i.a Dress

Stella Dress
Random d.i.a outfit

I’ve also started to attend a gym, I’m growing lots of muscles even if I’m not really losing weight XD
I hope to manage to lose weight before July since I want to wear this outfit of mine ><

d.i.a summer outfit

I really hope to be able to wear it XD

Okay that’s all for today, if you want to follow me here’s my instagram
And my facebook page
L E I A’ S R O O M 

See you soon, bye bye!