First post! Welcome to my blog♡

Hello! This is the first post, so I’ll welcome you into my blog!

The template is still under construction, I will update soon with a fancy graphic~

Then, time for introduction!


I’m Leia Myrsky, which is “Leia” from the song “Leia” by Yuyoyuppe:

and “Myrsky” which is a Finnish word that means “storm”.

I’m from South Italy, from a city near the sea, I work as a secretary since 3 years and I’m into gyaru style since 2012 (and alternative fashion in general)

I also love horror videogames, food and more than everything I love to make videos! Here’s a video I made for a music production group I’m into:

In this blog I will mostly talk about gyaru fashion, cheap clothing finds and reviews, but I will also share the videos and the music I make ♫ ♪ ♫

So, nice to meet you! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Back again lol

Coff. I know, I didn’t update for a long time lol. But I’m back!

In those months I worked lots (and shopped lots ehm) so I didn’t have so much time ><
But I started to wear gyaru again more ofter 😀 Now my wardrobe is divided in 3 parts : 2 big gyaru parts (one agejo and one kurogal) and a small grunge/goth part (yes, I’m still into it too).
After re-organizing my wardrobe I noticed I have not so much agejo clothing, so I’m going to buy more >< I want a perfect wardrobe, fifty-fifty between agejo and kurogal, my favourite styles 
BTW I’m wearing lots of agejo lately!

Ma*rs outfit, I borrowed the skirt from a friend 

GOLDS Infinity Dress
Ma*rs Belt

 Yes, I have fucsia hair now LOL

d.i.a Dress

Stella Dress
Random d.i.a outfit

I’ve also started to attend a gym, I’m growing lots of muscles even if I’m not really losing weight XD
I hope to manage to lose weight before July since I want to wear this outfit of mine ><

d.i.a summer outfit

I really hope to be able to wear it XD

Okay that’s all for today, if you want to follow me here’s my instagram
And my facebook page
L E I A’ S R O O M 

See you soon, bye bye!

Back to life


It’s quite a long time (LOL) since my last update, how are you all?
It took me a year to update again this blog. Lots of things happened in my life, especially since I’m working really hard (I’ve got a full time job), and then I had a fashion crisis and I spent this year dressing like a tramp ahahahaha. I also attended a couple of conventions, I met new friends and re-invented my relationship with my boyfriend; I lost some friends and my phone, but it hurted more the phone loss ahahahaha. I gained a lot of weight, I didn’t take care of myself for AGES, I also thought gyaru was changing me, putting me under pressure. I went through a total crisis ahahahah. Well, it was not gyaru which put under pressure, neither my friends or my boyfriend, or my work. It was only me 8D well, better late than never. Now I’m searching myself again (it should be the 3289784th time I try to find myself, maybe I should stop avoiding me ahahahaha) and I’m giving another try to gyaru :3
Such a pity, btw, because I’ve noticed many gals quitted the scene D: I’m currently reading old blogs and collecting old models pics from Tumblr, Codenote and FB… ahhhh.
Anyway enough chatting, I’ll show you some pictures from this year!

I didn’t write about it, but on December I attended a small local Harajuku fashion meet. There was only another gyaru (except me), we both felt kinda lonely ahahahaha. Sadly most italian gyarus live in north italy!
But me and my gyaru friend we’re trying to convert other friends of us into gyaru ahahahah!

This was my outfit, totally by d.i.a
except for the cardigan (GOLDS Infinity)
Group pic

The maleficent trio

Then in a blink it was New Year’s Eve. At that time I started something like a “gyaru meme” to improve myself, but it didn’t last long ahahahahah!

Again, a d.i.a outfit.
My exte were quite a mess after a drunken night ahahahah

Ah I got my nails done from a professional for the first time!

Easy design but I loved it!

I also made a lot of shopping during winter time, but I’ll do a proper post later.
Just a tiiiiiiny preview ~

mbok order

bought from Chiralicious~

Coff. Bought too much coff.

I acted in a parody video about gamer girls ahahaha

So then I was like this, but after I was like this:

and then this!

I’m obscenely cherry red! Yes I dyed my hair, I love sooooo much this colour~ I can’t wait to try gyaru with it!

On June I attended a local comic convention. It was the last time I dressed up :3

Wondercon in Bari!

Idol concert! Shiki Project ~

There was a purikura machine! It was my first time using one!!

Purikura made with my girls, you can see my agejo outfit (total MA*RS)

On July I attended another convention in Rimini. I was in cosplay most of time but on saturday night I dressed up slightly in gyaru style. I had already left it that time.

Top, belt, necklace: d.i.a
Skirt: Amisu
Bracelet: diavlo

Bonus pic LOL

At that convention I got robbed and so I lost my bag with my precious phone sigh. That’s why I don’t have many summer pics.
Misfortune kissed me, I also got a tendinitis, I almost broke with my boyfriend, lost some friends, my birthday was quite awful, I also had troubles at work LOL. Now I’m really happy to say that my misfortune left me XD

That’s how I dress up now, I’m a lot into grunge style and I’m not going to quit it. I’ll switch it with gyaru as I wish. This evening I’m going to a party and I’ll dress up gyaru after a long time! I’m so excited!
And on December there will be another Harajuku meet in my town, I can’t wait!

Ok, that’s all for today. I’ll update soon, I promise I won’t after a year again ahahaha!
Bye bye,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi gals!

How are you? Did you enjoy your holidays? I was ill on New Year’s Eve, but I had a great time thanks to my lovely friends~
I want to make a short pics spam update, in the next post I’ll show you what I bought/got for Christmas!
Hope you enjoy~

Christmas Eve – Outfit
Hat: Arancioviola – Sweater: gyaru_comm_sales – Shorts: GARULA –
Tights: – Accessories: – Boots: local store
Dinner with my honey – Outfit
Dress, coat: d.i.a. – Necklace: Forever21 – Tights, boots: local store 
New Year Eve – Outfit
Hat: Arancioviola – Dress, choker, necklace: tutuHA – Socks: H&M –
Bag: Tralala – Accessoories:
Hat: Arancioviola – Top, skirt: d.i.a – Socks: H&M –
Necklace: Forever21
Hat: Arancioviola – Sweater: H&M – Skirt: Snidel –
Belt: diable baiser – Necklace: – Shoes: local store

I was on GAL VIP October issue!
I did a makeup tutorial, hair tutorial and some outfits. Here’s a preview, but you can read the whole magazine on Issuu:

and download it on Mediafire: 

I dyed my hair blonde! But i still need to dye my eyebrows, sigh.
Make up: AGEHA upper lashes and Diamond Lash lower lash!


Baking chocolate chips cookies!
Reorganizing my makeup space…
Ciao bitches.

Bye bye!

Quick Update: Picspam!

Hi there!
I just want to update with some recent pics (mostly my face LOL), I’m attending a formation course which is pretty boring so meh. I’m also working on/for 2 projects but I don’t wanna talk about it until they come out 😀 Have a great day!

My honey (on the left) is recording his first demo (he sings in a metal band), I’m so proud of him! And this evening they’ll do their second live, I’m really excited since I love their music!
I can’t wait!



Long time no see: Outfits and shopping!

Hi there!!
It’s passed so much time since my last post, my bad! I’m so sorry!!
In those months I had so many things to do.. Exams, english and spanish tests, my brother’s birthday, I’m exhausted x,x anyway I did also some shopping and outfits, so lets see what I have to show!

Outfit for a random walk with my honey ♥
Top: Glad News
Necklace: tutuHA
Shorts: pull&bear
Accessories: Tally Weijl & Taobao
My brother’s birthday outfit
Dress: Lip Service
Cardigan: GOLDS Infinity
Accessories: gifts
Shoes: local chinese shop

Outfit details:

Outfit for a meetup with a dear friend
Top: H&M
Bra: Royal Cheaper
Skirt: MA*RS
Belt: diable baiser
Choker: d.i.a
Accessories: gift

I tried sujimori, I liked it but it didn’t turn out poofy as I wanted  it TAT
Simple outfit for a dance recital
Cardigan: Lip Service
Top: d.i.a
Shorts: pull&bear
Belt: diable baiser

I really need new shorts.. I always end wearing the same pair XD

Outfit I arranged to try on my new top ♥
Top: MA*RS
Belt: diable baiser
Shorts: pull&bear (ARGH)
Necklace: H&M
Hairbow: dreamV

Back of the top.. it’s soooo sexy but I’m quite embarrassed ^//^”

Those are my latest outfits! What do you think? I would love to read your opinion!  


I sold a lot of things (most lolita) and I saved some money, so I could afford a lot of things: I almost ended my wishlist *____*! I only need to buy a pair of d.i.a denim pants and a black tutuHA dress and I’ll be complete.. ahaha XD
So lets see what I got :3

Glad News top, d.i.a miniskirt, tutuHA cross necklace
Stock pic

I wanted those things for SO LONG. I’m obsessed with wings, crosses, stars and blood themes (yeah, I’m a weirdo) so the top and the necklace were like my gyaru Graal XDDDD And now that they’re mine I feel SO GOOD.

Glad News tank top, MA*RS top

Ok, if you didn’t notice I love Glad News :’D
That MA*RS top. I hated it, because I “chased” it for more than a year, and it always went in someone else hands DDD: after some bad luck finally I found a girl who was selling it cheap and I quickly bought it!!
Finally it’s mine MWAHAHAHAH.

diable baiser belt

MIIIIIINE. OMIGOSH HOW MUCH I WANTED IT. I longed for it for so much!!! As I said (and as you can easily imagine thanks to my blog name XD) I love star theme! And now I own it kukukukuku 

Worn pic, sorry for trashy outfit but I just came from school XD

Final Fantasy Advent Children jewerly
I’m obsessed with Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Advent Children. Nothing else to say.
Shoes and clutch bag from a local chinese store
I needed new shoes and bag. That’s all XD I like a lot the boots, it’s such a big change for me to choose such a light color!
I also bought some jewelry from Graveyard Rose and received a big parcel from Taobao on April, but I will talk about them in another post.
So ladies! I think that’s all for today. See you soon!

Small Easter Update: Spring gets, outfit and good news

Hi everybody! How are you?
I wish you all a belated happy easter~
Mine was GREAT.
On Sunday I visited my dad’s family after a long time: I spent the day eating delicious food, petting my cousin’s dog and playing Wii’s Party with my youngest cousin!

Senza titolo

Senza titolo

On Monday I had a small Easter lunch with my friends at my family’s warehouse.. it was so chaotic but I had a lot of fun!

Senza titolo
Cleaning the warehouse.. So much work!

Senza titolo
My girls, preparing our lunch (I was still cleaning lol)

Senza titolo

This is my outfit from Easter’s Monday:

Senza titolo
Dress, choker: Ghost of Harlem
Belt: Calliope
Accessories: Taobao

Senza titolo

As you can see I got some new things!

Senza titolo
Ghost of Harlem dress and Hair Chalks!

Senza titolo
Garula Top from my friend Jay!

Senza titolo
Ebay mini haul: melty cross ring,
Zipper bracelet and slave cross bracelet

Now I have to wait my taobao parcel. would you prefer a v-log about it or the usual blogpost?

On Saturday my eye allergy was gone so YAY! I could properly do my makeup again. But it lasted only one day, because the day after I had my allergy AGAIN. Keep calm, you’ll recover soon……

Outfit Of The Day

Senza titolo
Top, choker: d.i.a
Hoodie: Tally Weijl
Belt: diable baiser
Shorts: d.i.y (I’ll post about them soon)
Tights: Taobao

Senza titolo

Senza titolo

Senza titolo

Aaaand a good news babies. You won’t care but I sure do it a lot!

I’m in love again

After my ex boyfriend I didn’t want to be in love anymore. I wanted to be alone, all by myself. But then I met him and everything is perfect. I’m so happy that it just feels so unreal TwT Hope it will stay like this…

So babies now that’s all. Thank you for reading, see you soon!

†Update: Shopping, Haircut, Outfit†

Hi everyone!! How are you? I’m fine 😀 and finally relaxed after so long, because my winter exams session is over!! XD
-3 exams to my graduation *_*
I feel like I’m deflated =A= but I’m happy!

LOL. Chirp chirp!

Sooooo. Some new things in my life! Let’s start with the most important 8D


Yes I cut my hair short HAHAHAHAHAHA omg. On the moment I wanted to die. My hairdresser (a new one, totally awesome but a bit sadistic XD) was running his fingers through my hair, telling me how he would cut it blahblahblah then he said “Ok let’s cut the ponytail” me “What? O_O”
..Then more than half of my hair was in the hand of my hairdresser.
I screamed in terror inside my very heart.
My hairdresser: “LOL babe, wanna keep it?” *waves my (ex) ponytail in front of my eyes*
Me: “=_= Fuck you man.”

Senza titolo

Soooo this is me with short hair. What do you think? I’m so happy with my new haircut (still psicologically hurted but I’ll recover soon), I wanted to change so bad and I feel so FRESH.

Soooo new outfit with my new haircut! The make up is the one in the above pic.

Senza titolo
Shorts: Tralala
Choker: Ghost of Harlem replica
Belts: Calliope + nobrand
Accessories, boots: nobrand

Sorry for bad quality pic x,x they’re from Woman’s Day, I was all day out with my girls and when I took pics I was too tired to care about it x,x

Senza titolo
Fishbone Corset Tee, d.i.a Lock&Key Top,
ANAP fringed Top, Calliope Checkered shirt

I did some shopping again HAHAHAHAH.
Oh, man.

Senza titolo
d.i.a top worn pic!

I’m still waiting for a couple of things (hairchalks and d.i.a onepiece ♥♥♥) and I need to pay shipments for my Taobao order (3.5 KG HAHAHAHAHA WANNA DIE) and Ebay order (a couple of accessories, since I lost my 2 favourite rings – sad story)..


Senza titolo
H&M T-shirts, “Wonderful, Glorious” Eels album,
“The Sound of Silence” Simon & Garfunkel album,
books from my wishlist

THAT. EELS. ALBUM. If you follow me on Twitter you already know how such a fangirl I can be. I’m a Placebo/Gorillaz/Eels-fag XD so when the new “Wonderful, Glorious” album came out I couldn’t help myself from buying it. BEST THING I EVER DID, since this album is TRUE SWAG. If you like rock music you totally should listen to it, especially if you love bigs like Pink Floyd. You won’t regret it, I swear. Mr. E’s voice is simply the most biting and intense voice I ever heard, and tracks like “Bombs Away”, “New Alphabet”, “The Turnaround”, “Wonderful, Glorious” are divine. It tastes like nirvana to me. Inner peace, you know what I’m talking about.

And speaking about those H&M t-shirts: they were too cool and I needed them in my life.

Senza titolo
Hi, I’m fat and I wanna die.

H&M red T-shirt worn! It has a tutuHA taste IMHO and it was only 12,95€ so I really needed to buy it (no, I didn’t need it. It was just awesome. So bad at finding excuses LOL). I’m planning on printing black wings on the back but meh, I’ll see.

Ok, I think that’s all. See you in the next post cuties!
Love ya!

My Accessories Collection!

Hi gals! How are you?
Today is the day *w*9 The day we conquer the world I post my accessories collection. Sigh. It’s not the same.
(The conquest of the world sounded soooo good.)
Obviously I’ll show only my gyaru-related accessories, avoiding lolita and decora stuff XDDDD You can’t imagine how much accessories I own.. TOO MANY.
Ok, let’s start!

From the top: Ghost of Harlem replica,
TutuHA replica, d.i.a,
H&M kids customized, TAOBAO

I love chokers! The more I have, the more I want them! Simply I can’t go out without a choker. I love everyone from my collection, but the Ghost of Harlem replica one is my favourite! I also love the d.i.a one but it’s a bit too big for my neck (I have to clip it on the D-ring and it’s still too loose) and the closures are too much fragile.. meh.



Crosses necklaces! Who doesn’t own one? I love this theme so much. 4 crosses necklaces aren’t enough for me! XD In my wishlist there’s a tutuHA cross necklace.. Ahhh I’d like one of them so much!! Especially in black, or with some strange pattern like sequins.

If you never had seen a tutuHA necklace, here you are:
Punk-Rock Theme

Spiked necklace, blood necklace: TAOBAO
Turquoise leo necklace: Hard Rock Cafè
Eye necklace: Ebay
Lynx-head necklace: Gift, but I think it’s from OVS
As you know my style is rock inspired, so how couldn’t I own some rock-ish accessories? My favorite ones are the spiked necklace and the turquoise leo necklace, they are short so they don’t dance on my belly while I walk XDDDDD 
The eye necklace is a beloved one too, since I came pretty obsessed with eyes in past summer, thanks to the “Chaos;Head” anime. Who has watched it?
“Whose eyes are those?”
Star Theme

From left: H&M kids, gift, Louche (bought in London),
Accessorize, H&M
Bracelet: ///

Star theme. It was my obsession  since I can remember. That bracelet: I don’t know who gave it to me and why.. I always had it, since I was a child.
I was born on 10th of August: St. Laurence’s Night, the Night of Fallen Stars (at least here in Italy). That’s why stars are so important to me.. They are a PART of me. They are the place I belong to, in my very heart. I’m still asking to myself why I didn’t try to become an astronaut xDDD It would have been the most beautiful thing in my life..
Maybe I don’t look like this, but I’m a very romantic (and dreamer) girl •///•

Cute Theme

From left, first 3 necklaces: H&M kids
Golden necklace: OVS
Pearl necklace: Gift from Spain♥
Rilakkuma lilac necklace: Gift from lovely Kasui♥♥

As you can imagine, I don’t use those accessories anymore (or at least not often)..But I still love them, everyone means something special to me: my first lolita items, the necklace I share with my BFF, my beginning as a gyaru, a gift from a gyaru I truly admire..

So that’s why they are still here, hanging on my wall with all the other accessories I use everyday. I just love to look at them and.. smile.
Upper row: Accessorize, H&M, gift from my mom
Middle row: old gift
Lower row: gift, Ebay
Obsessed with eyes and stars, part two XDDD those star earrings were also in the “Star Theme” pic, but those 6 pairs of earrings are the only ones I use, so I re-pictured them XD
Stars, eyes, crosses and roses.. This pic shows the themes I love the most XD
I got a lot of compliments for the eye earring.. It’s my favourite earring, I wear it everyday :3
Upper row: Ebay, London, Ebay
Lower row: Gift, H&M
There are stars also here*COFF COFF*. Leo print, crosses, roses, STARS, blahblahblah I’m getting repetitive. I don’t own too many rings since I’m always afraid to lose them.
Bracelets and Cuffs
Upper row: SBY, gift, H&M, no brand
Middle: TAOBAO, H&M, no brand
Lower row: tutuHA replica, TAOBAO
Bracelets, yay!
I HATE BRACELETS. That’s why there are more cuffs than bracelets, like the SBY one or the tutuHA one. I just hate the feeling of charms hanging off my wrist.. it feels like I will soon lose something, it drives me mad °A°
Rock-ish accessories for the most. Did I say that I love rokku style? I don’t think anybody noticed it..
Hair Accessories
Upper row: Angelic Pretty, Diable Baiser, MA*RS
Spiked headbands: TAOBAO
All the rest: no brand

I have to admit that I don’t use often hair accessories. Especially now, it’s cold outside and I prefer a warm wool hat to a rose hairpin. BTW I use the spiked headbands A LOT. Comfy and easy..

GOLDS Infinity, MA*RS

Ok, I LOVE garters. A lot. Really a lot. Now I just own those two but I want to buy more of them, especially now that I’m getting slimmer. They’re simply perfect. The perfect accessory.

Collars and Scarves
Up: gift from my mom, H&M
Down: Mezzo Piano, d.i.a

I don’t like scarves so much, since I love necklaces (as you can see I own a lot of them) and scarves always cover them. Instead I quite like collars, to me they look more like necklaces. My favourite one is the d.i.a collar, it’s a part of a top but I often wear it with other black tops.

Middle one: Diable Baiser
All the rest: no brand

I love that Diable Baiser belt and I craved for it since one year.. then finally during Christmas holidays I found it on gyaru_com_sales and I quickly bought it! Lucky me *w*

I’m planning to buy the star one (predictable) always from Diable Baiser.. I just hope to find it soon ;w;
Diable Baiser Star Belt
Straw hat: H&M
Fur legwarmer: Diable Baiser
Biker gloves, Pink armwarmer: TAOBAO
All the rest: no brand
My beloved wool hat *w* It’s so warm and fluffy and I love it soooo much. Those are all the accessories I can’t put in a category, like hats or gloves. As you can see I own a straw hat, but I don’t use it anymore.
Fluffiness all over. Fur legwarmers, fur keychain, gloves with fur.. I guess I like fur, LOL.

So this is where all my accessories come to rest are mantained in order. You can also see some of my beauty product and my showcase. Oh, the memories.

Ok, that’s all, I think I have talked enough XD I’ll close this post with my latest make up pic. I think I’m improving, what do you think? Also, if you have done/want to do an “accessories collection” post too I’ll be glad to see it, so feel free to post it in the comments!
Senza titolo
Bye cuties, see you soon!

OOTD: Rokku Simple Style and Hideka Inspiration

Hi gals, how are you?
I’m quite fine, I think. Just some troubles in my life and family as always. I really hope I can finally move away from here the next autumn..
Like this isn’t enough, my diet seems to not affect me -.-” I lost 8kg already but god, why I still look so.. FAT? And due to exercise my tummy seems more bloated. Ugh. I hope to see some results someday..
Anyway: I shortly post an outfit I did yesterday that I like, before the accessories post.
As I already said one of my biggest Japanese inspirations is Hideka Tsunematsu (who doesn’t update her blog since October :'( HIDEKAAAA WHERE ARE YOU), so I was browsing her blog and found this cute outfit from her:

Fabulous Hideka

So I thought to take inspiration from her and do something similar!

Hat, boots: no brand
Dress: OVS
Belt: Diable Baiser
Accessories: tutuHA replica
OTK socks: Calzedonia


So, what do you think? I’ll be glad to hear your opinions. I changed my contour a bit, I used a brown pencil to do the shadow on the upper sides of my nose and I highlighted it with Canmake highlight and CC Cream in white. I only did contour on the upper parts of my nose.. Now it doesn’t seem long anymore to me! Do you agree? Ok that’s all. See you soon!